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Gratis Versand und eBay-Käuferschutz für Millionen von Artikeln. Einfache Rückgaben. Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Jetzt Top-Preise bei eBay sichern Ransomware variants and their decryptors evolve weekly and this example may be obsolete or conflict with instructions a hacker provides. Please, see our Terms of Service for further disclaimer). The Ryuk decryptor is unreliable and riddled with errors that reside within the code. These issues make the victims' user experience running decryption very challenging and time consuming. Some of the most prominent issues are

RYUK is a strain of file-encrypting ransomware discovered in August 2018. It is reportedly based on the source code of a ransom Trojan called Hermes, whose development is attributed to a high-profile cybercriminal group operating from North Korea. Unlike its probable prototype that fits the mold of mainstream ransomware, RYUK specifically targets enterprise networks Use following tool from Kaspersky called Rakhni Decryptor, that can decrypt .RYK or .rcrypted files. Download it here: Download RakhniDecryptor. There is no purpose to pay the ransom, because there is no guarantee you will receive the key, but you will put your bank credentials at risk. If you are infected with RYUK Ransomware and removed it from your computer you can try to decrypt your files. Antivirus vendors and individuals create free decryptors for some crypto-lockers. To. Ryuk Ransomware decryptor damages larger files, even if you pay | Emsisoft | Security Blog. Caution! Ryuk Ransomware decryptor damages larger files, even if you pay. Ryuk has plagued the public and private sectors alike over the past years, generating hundreds of millions of ransom revenues for the criminals behind it Attackers provided victims who paid with an updated Ryuk ransomware decryptor that could potentially damage their larger files. Emsisoft found that malicious actors had added numerous new features to Ryuk ransomware over the past year. In a lesser-known case, attackers gave Ryuk the ability to partially encrypt files that exceeded 54.4 MB in size. This update helped newer variants of the ransomware save time in their encryption process so that they could affect all relevant data.

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Ryuk Ransomware Decryptor Bug May Result in Permanent Data Loss. Cybersecurity firm Emsisoft has issued a warning about a recently discovered bug in the decryptor used by Ryuk ransomware victims to recover their data. A bug in the decryptor app can cause certain files to be corrupted, resulting in permanent data loss RYUK ransomware, notoriously known for attacking corporations and large businesses, uses military grade encryption standards of AES 256 bit and RAS 1024 bit. Without the decryption key, it is impossible to decrypt large amounts of data Ryuk is a ransomware infection known to target the enterprise or govt agencies by gaining access to their networks and then encrypting as many computers as possible. The attackers then demand large.. Um RYUK Ransomware vollständig zu entfernen, empfehlen wir Ihnen, WiperSoft AntiSpyware von WiperSoft zu verwenden. Es erkennt und entfernt alle Dateien, Ordner und Registrierungsschlüssel von RYUK Ransomware Rakhni Decryptor. Decrypts files affected by Rakhni, Agent.iih, Aura, Autoit, Pletor, Rotor, Lamer, Cryptokluchen, Lortok, Democry, Bitman. (TeslaCrypt) version 3 and 4, Chimera, Crysis (versions 2 and 3), Jaff, Dharma, new versions of Cryakl ransomware, Yatron, FortuneCrypt, Fonix. How-to guide. Download

A demonstration of the official RYUK ransomware decryptor software. If you need professional help with the RYUK decryptor, please visit our website. There yo.. Das ist nicht billig und es gibt keine Erfolgsgarantie. Wenn Sie ein Opfer von Ransomware werden, nutzen Sie unsere kostenlosen Dechiffrier-Instrumente und Sie bekommen Ihr digitales Leben zurück. Entfernen Sie zunächst die Ransomware (dafür können Sie Kaspersky Total Security nutzen), sonst wird sie Ihr System wieder blockieren RYUK Virus: Art der Bedrohung: Ransomware, Kryptovirus, Dateiensperre: Symptome: Auf Ihrem Computer gespeicherte Dateien können nicht geöffnet werden, früher funktionsfähige Dateien haben nun eine andere Erweiterung, z.B. my.docx.locked. Eine Lösegeldforderung wird auf Ihrem Desktop angezeigt. Cyberkriminelle fordern ein Lösegeld (normalerweise in Bitcoins), um Ihre Dateien. A decryptor for Ryuk ransomware is provided by the Ryuk authors to those who pay the ransom. The decryptor contains the keys that MSPs can use to decrypt their files and recover their data . The cybersecurity firm Emsisoft has issued a warning about a recently discovered bug in the decryptor The Ryuk ransomware decryptor is provided by hackers to organisations after a ransom is paid so that organisations can decrypt their files. Recently, hackers who created the decrypter made certain updates to the software that made it capable of truncating files by cutting off certain bytes towards the end, thereby limiting the size of large files. Affected organisations should avoid using the.

RYUK ransomware is usually used in highly targeted attacks on large organizations. Since these attacks are usually complex and involve penetrating multiple levels of security, the ransom demands are can be quite high, reaching millions of dollars With Ryuk, the ransomware arrives with the keypair pre-installed and the private key pre-encrypted. The third tier is a standard AES symmetric encryption key generated for each victim file using the Win32API function CryptGenKey. This key is then exported using CryptExportKey, encrypted using the second-tier key, and the encrypted result appended to the encrypted file l+f: Bezahlte Zerstörung - Ransomware-Opfer fallen gleich doppelt auf die Nase Der von den Machern der Ransomware Ryuk bereitgestellte Decryptor macht große Dateien mitunter kaputt, statt.

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Ryuk Ransomware has exploded in prevalence in 2019, and is now the most common type of ransomware to impact medium- to large-sized businesses. Ryuk is a type of Hermes Ransomware, and was previously associated with the Lazarus group, an attribution that has since been all but discredited. Given its prevalence, it's important to understand how a Ryuk ransomware attack occurs, and the steps. The Ryuk Ransomware Decryptor The Ryuk file decryption is a file-decoding process that can make the encrypted files accessible again. For the Ryuk decryption to be performed, the users need to apply a decryption key, which is held by the hackers behind the Ransomware Buggy Ryuk Tool Corrupts Data Files After Ransomware Infection. Talk about a nightmare that doesn't end: a bug in the Ryuk ransomware's decryptor tool means some types of data cannot be recovered. The victim doesn't get all the files back, even after paying the ransom demand. The latest decryptor tool used provided by the Ryuk gang. This is according to infosec biz Emsisoft, which warned the latest evolution of Ryuk's decryptor truncates a file footer used by the ransomware to check whether or not a particular file has been fully or partially encrypted Buggy Ryuk Ransomware Decryptor Can Cause Data Loss, Corruption. Buggy Ryuk ransomware decryption tool heightens risks for malware victims, Emsisoft reports. by D. Howard Kass • Dec 11, 2019 . The hacking crew behind Ryuk, the ransomware used in cyber attacks on government agencies, healthcare, schools and private companies, appears to be peddling a broken decryption tool to victims.

Ryuk Ransomware, alias .RICH Datei-Virus Ihre Daten und verlangt Geld als Lösegeld verschlüsselt es wieder zu bekommen. Dateien wiederherzustellen, verschlüsselt von Ryuk Ransomware Ransomware ist eine zu verwenden decryptor dafür. Aber da ist es ein neuer Virus, darauf hingewiesen, dass die Entschlüsselungsschlüssel möglicherweise noch nicht verfügbar und für die Öffentlichkeit. The Ryuk ransomware variant was first discovered in the wild in August 2018. Since then, it has grown in visibility to become one of the best-known and costliest ransomware variants in existence. Unlike early ransomware variants such as WannaCry, Ryuk is designed to be extremely targeted. The design of the malware means that each victim must receive the individual attention of the. #RYUK Remove Ryuk Ransomware and Restore Files | LotusGeek Text that you need to save as REG.BAT extension : subinacl /subkeyreg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE /setowner.. Antivirus maker Emsisoft said it found a bug in the decrypter app of the Ryuk ransomware. This is the app the Ryuk gang provides to victims to recover their files, after victims paid the ransom... Ryuk targets large organizations, using advanced encryption algorithms that are extremely hard to decrypt. The ransom demand is insane: up to $14 million (!) in Bitcoin. To compare, the infamous WannaCry demanded nearly $300 for decryption. Due to Ryuk, the average ransomware demand has grown to $41,198

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  1. with Ryuk ransomware since approximately August 2018. Ryuk encrypts files on network shares and an infected computers filesystem. Once the victim has been compromised, the actors encrypt all the network [s files and demand sums of up to $5 million worth of Bitcoin (BTC) in exchange for a decryptor program. Ryuks targets ar
  2. If you already paid the ransom but the decryptor doesn't work. Sometimes the provided decryptor is horribly slow or faulty, but we can extract the decryption code and create a custom built solution for your ransomware strain that decrypts up to 50% faster with less risk of data damage or loss
  3. Reversing Ryuk: A Technical Analysis of Ryuk Ransomware. Ryuk has been in operation since mid-2018 and is still one of the key ransomware variants operating in 2020. The threat actors behind Ryuk have been known to target a wide range of industries, and they typically demand substantial ransom amounts. Lately, given the ongoing COVID-19.
  4. Ryuk - General Info Ryuk stands for a ransomware-type infection. The infection comes from the Ryuk ransomware family. Ryuk was elaborated particularly to encrypt all major file types. As soon as the encryption is finished, Ryuk places a special text file into every folder containing the encrypted data. The message given by Ryuk text fil

Hence, there is a high risk of being left without decryptor and money. Instead, you may try using this guide to remove Ryuk Ransomware and decrypt files without spending any money. This ransomware mostly penetrates the system via fraudulent emails attached with malicious files. Following infiltration, Ryuk Ransomware starts encryption procedure using RSA4096 and AES-256 ciphers. Once all the. A new version of the prolific Ryuk ransomware has broken its decryption tool, meaning that those paying Bitcoin to retrieve files are out of luck Decryptor Bug Means Ryuk Victims Stuck in Ransomware Rut. New Zealand-based security vendor Emsisoft has spotted an anomaly in one of the latest versions of the Ryuk ransomware - one of the most.

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Ryuk Ransomware, also known as .RYK File Virus will encrypt your data and demands money as a ransom to get it restored. If a decryptor did not decrypt your .Ryuk Ransomware files successfully, then do not despair, because this virus is still new. One way to restore files, encrypted by Ryuk Ransomware ransomware is to use a decryptor for it. But since it's a new virus, advised that the. Ryuk Ransomware Decryptor Vulnerability Leads to Data Loss Owing to fresh changes in the Ryuk Ransomware encryption procedure, a bug in the decryptor is likely to result in data loss in large files. Ryuk is a ransomware infection which targets government or private companies by gaining access to their networks and then encoding a large number of computers A bug found in the Ryuk ransomware decryptor causes data loss or corruption, according to Emsisoft. The malware variant is behind some of the most disruptive healthcare cyberattacks, like DCH Health The Ryuk Ransomware Decryptor is used in response to incidents where a computer is encrypted by Ryuk Ransomware. This allows victims to use the decryptor tool instead paying the attacker to decrypt the targeted information. LIFARS has responded to Ryuk Ransomware incidents, where LIFARS was able to use the Ryuk Ransomware Decryptor tool to decrypt and recover the data for the client. Contact.

Ransomware Decryption Services. qLocker, eCh0raix, Conti, Ryuk, TrickBot, Emotet, MedusaLocker, Egregor, Tycoon, backup storage, demage disks. Home; Decrypt Services; Backup Storage; Store. Services; Terms & Conditions; Client Panel; Contact € 0,00 0 items; RECOVERED PASSWORDS QLOCKER QNAP - €10. After recovering files and decrypting: you need to cut off the device from the external. The Ryuk ransomware decryptor fails to decrypt certain large files due to a special condition set in a new variant of the ransomware. The ransomware does not encrypt large files to prevent the attack from being detected as otherwise, the encryption process will take too long. Ryuk ransomware, which is notorious for targeting enterprises and government agencies was found containing a special. Ryuk's decryptor tool — provided by the threat actors behind the ransomware to victims who have paid ransom demands — could actually cause data loss instead of reinstating file access to users. According to a blog post from Emsisoft , a bug with how the tool decrypts files could lead to incomplete recoveries, contrary to what the decryptor is actually meant to achieve Researchers spotted a flaw in an updated Ryuk ransomware decryptor used by attackers that could limit victims' recovery efforts. Read on to learn what else happened last week in security news Compared to other families of ransomware, Ryuk has very few safeguards to ensure the stability of the host by not encrypting system files. Ryuk does not encrypt files with extensions Exe, DLL, or HRMLOG. This is because ransomware families often have extensive lists of file extensions and folder names that should not (whitelisted) be encrypted. The last extension is a filename for a debug log.

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  1. McAfee Ransomware Recover (Mr 2) will be regularly updated as the keys and decryption logic required to decrypt files held for ransom become available.This tool can unlock user files, applications, databases, applets, and other objects encrypted by ransomware. We intend for this framework to be freely available to all
  2. Ryuk - Ransomware The ransomware uses AES and RSA encryption and demands between 15 and 50 Bitcoin for the decryption key. The malicious software kills hundreds of processes and services and also encrypts not only local drives but also network drives. The attacks are reported to be targeted at organizations that are capable of paying the large ransom demanded. Name Modified Date Sources; Ryuk.
  3. Ryuk ist ein typischer Lösegeld-Virus, mit dem Dateien gepackt werdenausgefeilter Verschlüsselungsalgorithmus.Wie bei anderen Ransomwares zielt diese Malware darauf ab, Ihre Dateien zu schützen, um Geld verdienen zu können. Ransomware wie RYUK durchsucht das System nach wichtigen Dateien und verschlüsselt sie, damit sie unbrauchbar bleiben
  4. Die Ransomware bekannt als Ryuk ransomware ist als eine schwere Infektion kategorisiert, aufgrund der Menge an Schaden könnte es auf Ihrem Gerät zu tun. Während Ransomware wurde ein weit verbreitetes Thema berichtet, Sie könnten es verpasst haben, so dass Sie möglicherweise nicht bewusst, der Schaden, den es tun könnte. Ihre Dateien wurden möglicherweise mit leistungsstarken.

Die Verschlüsselungssoftware Ryuk hat Deutschland erreicht. Kombiniert mit zwei älteren Trojanern ermöglicht sie Angreifern maßgeschneiderte Erpressungsversuche. Offenbar haben nicht wenige. Chaos developers presented it as a .NET version of the Ryuk ransomware by using a GUI branding similar to Ryuk. However, not many similarities were found as Chaos possesses the functionality of a destructive trojan or wiper rather than that of ransomware. The many faces of Chaos. Chaos has been available on underground forums since June and already has four different versions. Although the. Ransomware variants like Ryuk, WastedLocker, and Dopplepaymer are also file level encryption. These groups will gain access to the network and perform reconnaissance to identify the victim, understand their business, identify critical sys­tems, and delete backups to force their victims into making a payment. The groups can have access to the network for a few hours or upwards of over a month.

BadRabbit decryptor. 7. Ryuk Ransomware . The family that has produced this virus started its way in 2018 and since then has earned around $3,7 million in 52 payments only. It targets big organizations and other high-value figures, using military encryption algorithms that are extremely hard to decrypt. How Ryuk spreads . This ransomware is what experts call targeted ransomware. It means. Hundreds of things could go wrong after a ransomware victim pays the money demanded by criminals. Digital forensics specialists from security firm Emsisoft reported the appearance of a bug in the Ryuk ransomware decryption tool (delivered by criminals to victims after they pay the ransom) that causes failures in the file recovery process.. 1. 3.2-1 and other data backup methods. You can prevent Ryuk and other ransomware by making s ure you have up-to-date backups. You should have backups of your data. But Ryuk can't access them. The 3-2-1 strategy is a popular choice. Three At least three copies must be made of your data BadRabbit decryptor. 7. Ryuk ransomware. The family that has produced this virus started its way in 2018 and since then has earned around $3,7 million in 52 payments only. It targets big organizations and other high-value figures, using military encryption algorithms that are extremely hard to decrypt. How Ryuk spreads . This ransomware is what experts call targeted ransomware. It means. The hackers behind the prolific Ryuk ransomware variant have added worm-like capabilities to the malware, which enable it to automatically spread across all connected devices on the victim's network

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Ryuk Ransomware is a ransomware virus that has a high degree of risk. If you keep this virus for a long time on your computer, you will risk your files, because Ryuk Ransomware is aimed at encrypting important files so that users can no longer use them. Next, blackmail comes into play. Ryuk Ransomware begins to blackmail users, demanding a ransom for decryption. Do not fall for the tricks of a. Hermes ransomware, the predecessor to Ryuk, was first distributed in February 2017. Only one month after its release, a decryptor was written for Hermes, followed by the release of version 2.0 in April 2017, which fixed vulnerabilities in its cryptographic implementation. Since this release, the only way for a victim to recover files is with. Victims are then left with 7-8 figure ransom demands to get a decryptor for their encrypted files. Ryuk ransomware did not respond to our queries. From BazarLoader to Ryuk. Lately, Ryuk attacks usually start with a phishing campaign that installs the BazarLoader/KegTap infection on a recipient's computer. The phishing emails are targeted at a particular organization and can include lures.

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Obwohl sie nicht zu den zehn am häufigsten eingereichten Ransomware-Arten gehört, darf Ryuk hier dennoch nicht unerwähnt bleiben, da sie im 2. und 3. Quartal besonders störend und gewinnorientiert aufgefallen ist. Es wird davon ausgegangen, dass der erstmals im August 2018 beobachtete Schädling von der Cybercrime-Gruppe Grim Spider betrieben wird. Ryuk zielt vorrangig auf große. Recent Ryuk ransomware attack puts victims between a rock and hard place. Researchers at Emsisoft report that hackers themselves are the ones to be blamed for losing control of their decryption tool, leaving users to deal with another challenge - how to regain control of their systems as well as their Bitcoin holdings. Thus, the security firm is trying its very best to get the word out as. Ryuk started out as just another name in the vast ocean of ransomware that hit the internet like a tsunami a few years ago. Since then Red Canary has watched it quickly rise up the ranks, hitting the news on a near-daily basis as hospitals, local governments, businesses, and schools find themselves unprepared to deal with the sophisticated threat actors behind Ryuk

Emsisoft has spotted a buggy decryptor for the Ryuk ransomware and developed a custom tool to fix it. But victims will still have to pay the ransom to recover files Another trick of Ryuk is that the victims cannot gain access to the key. The key is saved on a specific server run by the frauds connected with Ryuk ransomware. To get the key and recover the important info people need to pay the ransom. Ryuk encrypted your documents, but that might not be the only damage done to you. The ransomware might still. In response to reports that recent changes to the Ryuk ransomware encryption process resulted in a decryptor bug that could lead to data loss, an expert offers perspective below. Experts Comments. December 11, 2019 . James McQuiggan + Follow Me - UnFollow Me Security Awareness Advocate. KnowBe4. The criminals behind Ryuk are evolving their attack vectors to reduce the time to encrypt data and. Ryuk Ransomware ist für mehrere hochkarätige Angriffe verantwortlich . Zu Beginn des Jahres gelang es Ryuk, den Druck und die Zustellung aller Tribune Publishing-Zeitungen sowie der Zeitungen, die früher zu Tribune Publishing gehörten, zu unterbrechen. Einige der betroffenen Zeitungen waren die Los Angeles Times, die Chicago Tribune, das Wall Street Journal und die New York Times. Dann, im.

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What is ransomware? Ransomware is a type of malware (malicious software) used by cybercriminals. If a computer or network has been infected with ransomware, the ransomware blocksaccess to the system or encrypts its data.Cybercriminals demand ransom money from their victims in exchange for releasing the data. In order to protect against ransomware infection, a watchful eye and security software. Ryuk is a ransomware which gained notoriety last December 2018 when it disrupted the operations of several major U.S. newspapers. Earlier analysis from Checkpoint in August 2018 noted that Ryuk was being used exclusively for targeted attacks, with its main targets being the critical assets of its victims

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Once the ransomware is able to successfully move laterally throughout the network Ryuk encrypts files, deletes all backups/shadow copies, and places a RyukReadMe file in which the victims are demanded to pay a specific amount to a bitcoin wallet to obtain a decryptor. Why is this noteworthy? Ransomware and other cyber-attacks have seen a sharp. Ryuk ransomware is a threat that could have lethal and catastrophic effects on businesses given it's targeted nature, high ransom demand, and bad decryptor Ryuk ransomware is now a threat that has gained infamy across the world For example, Ryuk ransomware has a relatively low data recovery rate, at ~87%, while Sodinokibi was close to 100%. Now you have a guarantee that your files will be returned 100 Security researchers observed the Ryuk ransomware using a special hardware feature to wake up powered-down devices in order to encrypt them. According to Bleeping Computer, a security researcher.

Ryuk is a sophisticated ransomware threat that targets businesses, hospitals, and government institutions across the world. Unlike common ransomware that target every kind of victim, Ryuk is typically used for tailored attacks. The attackers use manual hacking techniques and open-source tools to move laterally across a private network and gain administrative access. Ryuk is a modified version. Ryuk is a sophisticated ransomware threat that has been targeting businesses, hospitals, government institutions and other organisations since 2018. The group behind the malware is known for using. Qlocker Ransomware locks user files in password protected archives on QNAP server using 7z compression utility. Ransomware author demand a ransom of 0.01 BTC to get a password for their archived files. Full Post Ziggy Ransomware Decryptor Download. Posted Under: Free Ransomware Decryptors on Feb 13, 2021. The Ziggy Ransomware admin announced on Telegram that they were shutting down their.

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Read More: Ryuk Ransomware decryptor damaging encrypted files during decryption process Jay Jay He has previously written news articles, device reviews and features for Mobile Choice UK website and magazine, as well as writing extensively for SC Magazine UK, Tech Radar, Indian Express, and Android Headlines The Ryuk ransomware, which appeared in 2018, has become one of the most potent threats to organizations — especially in healthcare, where research suggests it is responsible for three-quarters of ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations. It is also among the most costly ransomware families, with average ransom demands over $100,000, according to CheckPoint. Targeting Enterprise Weak. A Ryuk ransomware attack was sprung by a frugal student. The U.S. declares a state of emergency after ransomware hits their largest fuel pipeline. Google Chrome's new privacy feature restricts online user tracking. All this, and more, in this week's edition of Cybersecurity Weekly These are links to real Ryuk Ransomware samples. Experts share the results of the analysis for the research. There are a large number of them, but no one could make a decryptor. Link to comment Share on other sites. More sharing options... 3 dy Kevin Zoll locked this topic; This topic is now closed to further replies. Share More sharing options... Followers 1. Go to topic listing. Recently.

Unfortunately, for most ransomware, including Ryuk ransomware, there is no easy way around it. You either have to pay the ransom or accept that you will never see your files again. That is the price that you pay once the ransomware has infected your computer as there is no decryptor to unlock your data. But you can remove the offending malware from your computer with the help of antivirus such a The ransomware known as Ryuk ransomware is categorized as a severe infection, due to the amount of harm it could do to your device. While ransomware has been a widely reported on topic, you might have missed it, thus you might not be aware of the damage it might do. Your files may have been encoded using powerful encryption algorithms, making you not able to access them anymore. Because data. Learning From Maze, Ryuk and Egregor. Interpol says LockBit first partnered with the now-defunct Maze ransomware group in May 2020 before beginning to launch its own attacks several months later. Experts say LockBit appeared to recruit a number of former Maze affiliates by offering them a better cut of every ransom paid Buggy Ryuk Ransomware Decryptor Can Cause Data Loss, Corruption. Buggy Ryuk ransomware decryption tool heightens risks for malware victims, Emsisoft reports. Read More . Pitney Bowes Ransomware Attack: Many Systems Restored. Pitney Bowes suffers RYUK ransomware attack. Credit ratings agency Moody's watching situation. Some customer-facing applications encrypted. Security consultants assist.

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Ryuk Ransomware Decryptor Is Broken, Could Lead to Data Loss https://t.co/c3flhbJmlf via @TheCyberSecHu The secondary issue is that the Ryuk gang's decryptor additionally erases the original encoded files, which means that the victims can't re-run the 'decryption operation' again with a fixed decryptor.. While the last byte in many records is there for cushioning and is generally unused, for some file extensions those bytes contain essential data that when expelled will permanently. Ryuk: Defending Against This Increasingly Busy Ransomware Family. On December 16, 2019, the U.S. Coast Guard disclosed a security incident at a facility regulated by the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA). Forensic analysis suggests that the incident might have begun when an employee clicked on a link embedded in a phishing email There has been a major uptick in Ryuk ransomware activity against the healthcare and public health sector. Ryuk first emerged back in 2018 and has been widely attributed by North Korean threat actors. Typically, Ryuk has been deployed in correspondence with banking trojans such as Trickbot. Many threat actors utilize off-the-shelf products such as Cobalt Strike, PowerShell Empire, Mimi Katz.

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